Chivas Blows by Barca

Last night in front of a crowd of more than 70,000 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Chivas de Guadaljara put on an absolute show against the world’s best team, FC Barcelona.  The impressive score line was only outdone by the beautiful goals scored by the Mexican squad.  After David Villa’s goal in the first 5 minutes of the first half, Barca surrendered 4 straight goals in the second including two highlight reel goals from 22-year-old Chivas striker Marco Fabian.  I won’t try to describe either of them with words because simply, they can’t be.  Here’s a video of the highlights.  Take a second to learn some Spanish and enjoy the show.

An Ode to Mr. Moss

Question marks have always surrounded Moss, its why he ended up a D-I AA Marshall, why he fell to 21st in the draft, why Minnesota sent him packing to Oakland, why the Pats traded him for nothing (and then Vikings let him go), and why Moss’ retirement is not met with the praise reserved for legends but rather the twitter potshots for punks. Yet say what you will about Moss, he’s in the small discussion for greatest receiver ever, and if you think that honor belongs to Jerry Rice then its safe to say Randy Moss was the greatest deep ball threat to ever lace ‘em up and he made it look sooo easy. Read more of this post

The Last of a Dying Breed

Summer 2011 marks a period of solace and intrigue for fans of Home Box Office comedy programming. Those who are even relatively in tune with TV know that this season (8 if you’re counting at home) marks the finale for “Entourage”. Additionally, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, another HBO stall wort enters its eighth and potentially final run through as well. With the clock ticking down on both of these shows, I have a few thoughts about both.
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Photo of the Day

Amid controversy swirling around its program, the University of North Carolina decided (finally) to rid themselves of the Butch Davis area late last night. It’s curious that UNC waited this long to can Davis when it would have been completely feasible to do so back in December. While Tar Heel nation isn’t exactly shocked today, as this move was in the works for a while, it will certainly throw everyone in Carolina blue for loop with the start of the season only a few weeks away.

Venni Vetti Vicci…Until He Got Caught

 Ja Rule got arrested yesterday for tax evasion.  His multimillion dollar Borders Empire fell with him.  Just kidding, your boy Ja doesn’t own a national book store chain, but that is the only thing less hood than getting busted for tax evasion.

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The Big Analytical

Finally, ESPN lost one. The network that seems to be collecting every valuable talking head that’s out there couldn’t close the deal on the biggest one of all. Literally, the biggest. After much speculation and hearsay, Turner Broadcasting officially announced yesterday that Shaquille O’Neal would be joining Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley on the set of TV’s best pregame show. Now although the thought of the big guy going back and forth with Barkley is fantastic in theory, I have a few thoughts and questions about his decision.  Read more of this post

It’s That Time of Year Again…

Don’t know if you’ve noticed but there is nothing going on in the world of sports lately. The good news: that is all about to change. One night every year the entire sports world converges for a simultaneous death and rebirth, think Big Bang but instead of the world it’s the world of sports. While some of you may have no idea what I’m referring to the real die hards out there know I’m speaking of the de facto sports new years eve, where the world of sports comes together to celebrate the conclusion of one great calendar sports year and begin the next. I’m speaking of course about the ESPYS. Read more of this post


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