TBC Breaking News: Hideki Irabu Dead at 42

Well the somber breaking news continues to steam into Creatures headquarters. We’ve just learned that former Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu has been found dead at his California home. Irabu was 42. The police are investigating the cause of death, and at this time it is believed that Irabu hung himself (grisly shit). Irabu broke through into the MLB in 1997 when his contract was purchased by the San Diego Padres. After expressing his disinterest in playing with San Diego, the Padres organized a trade with the Yankees that sent Irabu to the Bronx. He earned World Series rings with the Yankees in both 1998 and 1999, but never lived up to the expectations of a demanding fan base and owner. In fact, George Steinbrenner famously dubbed him the “fat toad,” something that Yankees fans have laughed about ever since. The Yankees dealt him to the Expos following the 1999 season, where he spent two seasons, before finishing up his career in Texas. He retired from the MLB in 2002, and has lived a somewhat troubled life ever since. In 2008, Irabu was arrested in Japan for assaulting a bar manager after he reportedly consumed 20 beers and got angry. Then again, who doesn’t get a little riled up after 20 beers? Last year, he was arrested in Gardena, California for drunk driving. And today, it seems like the legend of Hideki Irabu came to a sad, grisly end. Rest in peace, Fat Toad…too soon?

UPDATE: The Yankees have confirmed Irabu’s death.

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